3660 Cooking Class

Every month 3660 On The Rise holds a cooking class featuring either Chef Russell Siu or Chef Lydell Leong. If you love food, you should go. If you love wine, you should go. Classes usually consist between three and four dishes depending on the difficulty and amount of time required to prepare the dishes. With that said, four dishes could mean that they're easier dishes to create, but that's not always the case. Just keep that in mind for the future.

I'm warning you now, if you want to get your hands dirty and touch raw chicken, your hopes and dreams will be crushed in an instant. Think of it more like a cooking show, watching Giada live right in front of you. You'll be sitting down in front of the chefs while they prepare it in front of the class. Interrupting them with questions is always welcomed.

This class featured ahi as the first dish prepared two ways. Seared Shichimi Ahi and Ahi Tartare featuring Kizami Wasabi.  Chef Lydell prepares the dish, gives pointers on how to make the cooking process easier, and a wine connoisseur selects a wine to pair with the dish and explains his choice as well.

Few people like brussel sprouts. I do, you probably don't. For all of those people that hate it, you missed a great class that would've changed your mind. A lot of recipes add a lot of butter, fat, and bacon to mask the brussel sprouts but this dish had no bacon at all. To make brussel sprouts stand on it own as a dish is quite remarkable. Paired with a dry rosé, the brussel sprouts were amazing.

Asian Pesto Stuffed Chicken Breast. You can see it, it's pretty. It tasted prettier than it looks. Another dish where they proved simple recipes that aren't difficult in a technical sense can go a long way. He also gave a trick on determining when the chicken is cooked. 

Finally, the lemon tart. Take a look at the photo and you'll see two layers. Unlike lemon bars that are lemon from top to bottom, they've shared a recipe that separates it into a light layer and a lemon layer at the bottom. 

So should you go? If you eat food or drink wine, there's no reason not to. They're often held on either Wednesday or Thursday so it's a great way to break up the midweek slump.