Aloha Mondays

Aloha Mondays

My good friend Lissa always talked about this place that you couldn't eat at and the menu came out at the beginning of the week and I thought it sounded absolutely ridiculous. When I finally got around to checking it out I regretted ever doubting her. Never again will I make that mistake, she's never been wrong and she probably won't be wrong ever.

aloha mondays kanoa

Background. Aloha Mondays is owned and run by Kanoa, formerly employed by Roy's Waikoloa so you know he's a badass. Every week him and his gang explore whatever fresh ingredients are currently available to him and he creates completely unique gourmet meals. I seriously haven't seen something repeated. So the menu comes out on Monday and it's available to order for pickup between Tuesday and Friday for lunch and dinner. Prices average around $12-13 which may seem a lot but it's your typical plate lunch. If you're from Oahu, think Kaka'ako Kitchen but a little higher end as far as the taste and ingredients go. 

aloha mondays burger

My take. This is by far the greatest business model I've ever seen as far as restaurants go. By changing the menu every week, you keep patrons engaged. Everyone I know waits for the new menu to come out to see if there's something they'd like to try that week. On a business level it's genius and on a personal level I can only imagine how fulfilling it must be to do what you love this frequently. I've worked closely with 3660 On The Rise to photograph their menu as they update it throughout the year so I know how much work goes into creating a menu. How someone can be so creative that he can make a new menu every week, I'll never understand. I can't even make a blog post every week. As far as the food goes, it's worth it. The menu goes from baby back ribs, to bacon-wrapped meatloaf, all the to something amazing as cioppino.

 Bottom line. It's great. It's amazing. There may not be something for you every week, but next week will surely have something you want. But seriously, expand your horizons and try something new. Lissa trusts Kanoa and I trust Lissa. Lissa is never wrong.