Playing Tourist On The East Side

I finally got to take Ashley out exploring the East side of the island to all of my favorite spots for a quick fun-filled adventure and here's the photo diary of the fun-filled day.

First of all, it's a crime that Ashley doesn't know what Magnum P.I. is. At some point I'm going to have to sit down with her and force her to watch every episode so she can understand who Higgins is. So obviously the first stop of the day was Robin's Nest; the site of that opening credits where Magnum is holding a girl in a bikini trying to swim. It's just an amazing little spot that's great to take children. The low lying rock wall makes a calm stretch of water that you can relax in and the cool breeze and views of Waimanalo are worth the drive.

Stop two, another spot she's never heard of, Lanai Lookout. A quick one minute walk away from the parking lot, it's an amazing view for the amount of effort you put into it. Sometimes it's a bit crowded but today we had the place all to ourselves so it was a great opportunity to relax and enjoy the sights of the waves crashing in and try her new Oceana lovehica suit on.

Stop three, China Walls. Her favorite spot. The texture of rock on this side of the island is so different from anywhere else on the island. Call it what you want, it looks like Chinese layered rice cake to me. Sunsets are a little too crowded now for my taste but if you come here in the morning it's quiet and intimate. There might be one or two people there fishing or walking around, but a little exploring will find you a private place to spend with someone.

Stop four, Portlock. At high tide there isn't much beach but nevertheless, it's a quiet beach to spend time with someone at since there’s very few tourist or even locals. At almost any time of the day you'll be the only ones there and the water is always calm as can be. In front of you there's an amazing view of Hawaii Kai, and behind you there are just the most insane beachfront properties you'll come across. I'll never understand why every house here has a pool when they've got this amazing beach right in front of them.

Stop five, her favorite favorite favorite place. Teddy's Bigger Burgers. Big thanks to Teddy's for inviting us over for lunch and treating us to a massive spread. Bacado Burger, Umami Chicken, Sweet Potato Fries, and Garlic Fries that could feed a family.

Bacado Burger was massive. If you can hand hold this beast you must not be good at keeping secrets because you've got a big mouth. We had to split this thing into quarters and even then it was bigger than my fist. Flavors were amazing and the avocado didn't overpower that bacon at all.

Even though this is a burger joint, the Umami Chicken is by far their shining star. Sriracha aioli wasn't spicy at all. Tied in with the furikake and garlic, it makes an amazing chicken strip on it's own. But if they throw a bun on top of this it might just be the island's greatest Asian burger.