Jenna Fettig. The Woman. The Smile. The Interview.

Jenna Fettig. The Woman. The Smile. The Interview.

Yesterday I spent the day taking photos with Jenna for St. Wynn Swimwear and sure the photos came out great. She's lovely inside and out. Beautiful smile, amazing personality, she's the complete package. Or is she?

More importantly, did she pass my friendship interview?

Read on and find out.


What's your favorite Disney Princess?

I don't have one.

Acceptable answers would have been Jasmine or Elsa. Moving on. Would you rather blink every time you sneeze or fart out confetti?


This interview is turning around. A penguin walks through the door wearing a sombrero. Why is he here and what would you say to him?

Maybe he's a warm penguin from somewhere like Argentina or something like that. I wouldn't say anything, I would just pick him up.

That answer exceeded my expectations. Next question. How many bowls of cereal do you eat every morning and why aren't you eating more?

Three bowls and I don't eat more because I'm not a big fan of milk.

That's too bad. Maybe it's time to get Honey Bunches of Oats, the all day cereal of champions. How old were you when you realized that Santa and the Easter Bunny weren't friends?

Five years old.

That must have been a rough childhood. So young and you already knew the friendship between colored eggs and mistletoe was an estranged one. Next question. How many friends have you lost because you play Monopoly like Donald Trump.


Good answer! Final question. The most important question. What do you think dogs are dreaming of when they're sleeping and running in place as fast as they can?

My dog doesn't really run in place too often but sometimes she lets out a small cry and I worry that she's having a nightmare and I worry that she doesn't really have good dreams.

Friendship Interview Analysis

Well, looks like she won't be the one going to see Beauty and the Beast with me but we're close in age so maybe the Power Rangers remake. Her cereal eating game is on point, it sounds like she plays Monopoly like Bernie Sanders so that's one game I will crush her in, hopefully she doesn't know that Cupid tried to shoot the Easter Bunny, and it's nice that she worries about dogs that much. So with that said she is now Jenna Fettig, the woman, the smile, the friend.

Jenna is ecstatic.