Koko Head Arch

Every time someone visits and wants to go out and have a fun adventure my go to destination has always been Koko Head Arch. Fifteen minutes out of town, it's not too far from Honolulu but it's still relatively unknown and makes for a memorable activity.

This trip was with Sarah, Hannah, and Amy.


If you're familiar with Arches National Park, this arch is nothing like that. In fact it's pretty tiny as far as arches go but it's probably my favorite hike and here's why. It's short, it's steep, it's rewarding, and if you're not reckless it's pretty safe. Compared to Koko Head Crater Trail, this hike has a better effort:reward ratio.

It's always windy on this part of the island so extreme caution is needed if you attempt to climb over the arch. It's not that narrow up there but once the gets going you learn how big of a chicken you really are.

But most people will want want to sit under the arch and this is the steep crawl that's required to get there. Rocks are slippery so go on all fours to keep your center of gravity low to reduce your chance of slipping.

It's pretty amazing when you finally get to top (or is it the bottom?). The shade feels amazing after trekking it in the hot sun so take a moment to relax and soak it all in.