Lanikai and Pillboxes

I rarely go out to Kailua because it's so far from me but I've been wanting to see what the area had to offer so I planned a morning with Madison that included hiking Pillboxes and then hanging out at Lanikai Beach. Parking is terrible at Lanikai but we got lucky and the sand is so fine at Lanikai it gets EVERYWHERE. Nevertheless, still a fun day with Madi.


The hike was a little steeper than Madi remembered.

Longer than she remembered too.


Then when we got to the top, it was windier than Madi remembered as well.


But we had more to do and more to see so back down the hill we went.


A few stops on the way down on some dodgy cliffs made for some amazing views.

We made it over to Lanikai and found a nice little dugout to hangout in before the ridiculousness begun.

First up, water balloon juggling.

Madi did not win.

But she absolutely killed the popping contest.

Then it was time to get serious and ditch that crop top. She was all business for the next game.

Who was the king or queen of catching Goldfish.

Ditching the crop top didn't improve her game, at all.

So what does she do? Improve her odds.

But all it did was improve the quality of laughs.

Since this sand was finer than dust and went EVERYWHERE, we skipped the sand angels and went for sand hearts instead.

But funny enough, the sand still got to second base with Madison.

We eventually ended the shenanigans and kicked it back for a bit.

We even found a cool little walkway that got down to the beach to lounge around on.

Then we finally ended the day and Madi tried to get rid of the sandy bum.