Chasing North Shore Sunsets

There's a beach literally named Sunset Beach on the North Shore so logic says that must be the best place to view the sunset, but I beg to differ. Haleiwa has some amazing hidden gems that lets you avoid all of the traffic. But more importantly, you get a beach all to yourself for what seems like miles in each direction. Denise and I finally found the time to spend a sunset together and it was epic.


A short walk away from a popular surf spot leads into a amazing stretch of beach that's lined with amazing little tide pools like this one. Sometimes it's completely dry but the huge surf that's been coming through this area filled it with tons of baby fish, hermit crabs, etc. You name it, we found it.

We got there really early and passing the time until sunset with ridiculous jokes are always fun. Like what do you call a fake Italian? An Impasta. Cheesy? Maybe. But so is lasagna and this was an Italian joke so it's okay.


But cheesy jokes aside, we came for the sunset and finding a little sandy spot in the middle of the rocky shoreline makes for a intimate experience where we could have a nice chat and enjoy the show in the sky.

Haleiwa has the best sunsets. It's one of the few places where you can enjoy it completely alone, void of anyone else. No sound of smartphones, no sound of cameras, no sound of people talking to each other. All you hear is the waves crashing on the shore and the foamy white wash returning to the ocean. Time slows down here in the best way possible.

I think it's important to slow down and enjoy moments like this. We're always burying or face into our smartphones but for once in a while you just need to put down the phone and look at what the world has to offer.