Pali Ridge

Pali is a place that everyone knows, maybe not as well as Diamond Head or Waikiki Beach but it's special in it's own right. The surrounding mountains funnel the wind through this area and this leads to wind speeds high enough to turn your jacket into a parachute. This is not a joke. So when Olena said let's go exploring for an epic sunrise I was excited but hesitant.

On this trip I brought the Fujifilm GFX 50S and Zecti tripod that I need to review. I put that tripod through hell, dragging it up and down a cliff. There's physical damage for sure but for a $50 tripod I'm amazed at how well it took the abuse and how rigid it was.

We started out when it was pitch black and worked our way up but got lost and had to climb through the slipperiest mud I've ever seen. It was basically like rock climbing except we were reaching for tree branches so I don't have any shots on the way up. It was just way too dangerous to be holding the camera.

60 MPH wind + narrow ridge line was too much for me and I kept my scared self where it was nice and safe. Olena on the other hand braved the wind and the fog to get an epic shot.

Scary scary scary. I would've been on my hands and knees.

Olena posed for this epic shot, but I wished the fog would have lifted and given us a unobstructed view of the peak. But there's always next time if I sum up the courage to do this again. Highly unlikely.

Before we left I got an amazing view of the day from the top of Pali. It's awe-inspiring when the clouds part and it feels like heaven is opening up. For me this image was the perfect blend of humans touching on nature with roads and homes. Here's to hoping that it doesn't develop anymore and the beauty of this island is preserved.