Waikiki Beach with Kyla

Kyla and I went on a early morning adventure to see if we could find a few empty places in the Waikiki area to take some fun photos and hang out with each other. Fat chance. But surprisingly at 8:30AM Waikiki Beach wasn't happening as much as I thought it would. Sidewalks were packed but there were only a handful of tourists in the water.

Walking past the Sunset on the Beach setup and over towards the lifeguard stand, we stumbled across some fun logs that served as chairs. Cute photo op, check. Her crochet top from Phoebe Sky and shorts went together nicely and that watch gave it the perfect touch of class. (If you like her top, use the promo code Kyla20 on the site!)

But Waikiki Beach fills up quick after all, so we made our way down to the other side of Kapiolani Park, past a popular surf spot, along a rock wall, past the cute vacation homes, and down the steps to a little beach that looks and feels like time forgot it.

Kyla's Mikoh suit matched the palm tree in the background perfectly and balanced against the dark steps too. But the farther we walked along it looked like it was time for a suit change to match the abandoned beach.

So she slipped into her St.Wynn one piece and went for a fun dip in the sea. We found these abandoned steps that used to lead into the ocean but eroded way with time and it made a perfect spot to hang out with each other and see the tide roll in.

If you like these photos and you're located on Oahu, I'll be doing a workshop on natural light lifestyle photos on April 30 at Pro Camera Hawaii. I'm still undecided on the exact topic, maybe posing, maybe lighting, maybe how to plan and execute a lifestyle shoot. If you're interested in attending and one of the three interests you, let me know in the comments. If you want to hear about something completely different too, let me know!